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Cloudedots is an information technology company that supports Startup, Small Business, Entrepreneur, Agency and Enterprise by building their idea/business into reality using custom mobile, web, desktop app design, and development solutions.

We have entered in 3rd year and we are providing software design and development solutions to our clients. Our expert team can understand your needs and make your digital presence bright.

Company Profile

We are passionate and dedicated to turn and tune your idea into reality.

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Our Expertise


We provide you business-ready scalable and cost-efficient solutions that can give you the best outcomes as you desire.

Mobile Apps
Does your idea/business need custom mobile application solutions?

We provide the best mobile application design and development solutions that can help your business to lead the top in the digital market.

  • Ionic Framework
  • React Native
  • Apache Cordova
Web Apps
Do you want to automate your business using web application solutions?

We create beautiful, fast, robust, and secure web application platforms that can tailor your day to day operations smooth and easy.

  • Angular Framework
  • Javascript
  • ReactJS
Desktop Apps
Do you want to customize your day to day operations offline/online?

We develop software systems that can help your idea/business to run on the best platforms. We utilize and invent when you engage with us.

  • Electron Framework
  • Python
  • C/C++
Backend Development
Does your idea/business need a strong backend solution?

The core brain stores and processes the data and gives the response to the users as they require. It makes your product irresistibly attractive. We cover you from the backend too.

  • Cloud Services
  • NodeJS
  • NoSQL
  • Python
UI/UX Design
Do you need beautiful UI/UX design solutions?

We create an outstanding user interface and user experience for your idea/business. No matter how good an application is, it is nothing for the user if its UI/UX is wrong.

  • App UI Interfaces
  • User Interactions
  • Graphics Content


Domain Expertise

We have good experience in these industries like education, restaurants, retail, e-commerce and restaurants. Now we are expanding to other industries so we can provide the best solutions with the same as our existing solutions.

Innovation & customization in your business helps you to reach the top of the market.

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Our Products


We can provide you the right technology solutions even before you ask. We develop and customize structures and programs instead of using ready-made solutions from the market.

E-Commerce App
The best way to build your online marketplace with Cloudedots.

We have built our e-commerce platform that can provide you ready-made or custom mobile and web solutions to boost sales of your brand.

  • eCommerce Website
  • Android & iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel
Restaurant/Cafe App
The best way to manage your restaurant / cafe online using Restro365 Cloudedots Solution.

We have built our online restaurant/cafe management platform that can help you manage your business and branches online from anywhere and anytime.

  • Owner Web Panel
  • Manager Desktop App
  • Waiter App
The best way to manage your business transactions with a free GST Billing Software.

GST Billing now made easy because it is free. Yes, it is a free software for a retail business that wants to maintain invoice billing records.

  • Desktop App
  • Customized App Solutions
Event App
Do you want to organize and manage your next event online with our outstanding app solutions?

We have built a platform where you can set up and manage your event online. We can provide you web portal, android app, and iOS app. It is a customizable solution for your needs.

  • Android App
  • iOS App
  • Web App Panel


What we have done

Do you want to check out the solutions that we provided to our clients?

Our work is something that motivates and inspires us to do great things.

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Success Stories

Our Happy Clients

We have tried hard to bring their idea/business into reality with fully customized and automated system solutions.

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cloudedots cloud app solutions for size zero
cloudedots cloud website design and development solutions for edelgive foundation
cloudedots cloud website design and development solutions for newera technology

Featured Content


We are studying and enhancing our knowledge so we can assist you with the best solutions.

Knowledge is the key to success in life.

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