Xvice an interesting device or you can even say a smart future device. We all use Desktop/Laptop, Tablet or Mobile, TV in some of the other way. These all products have made our life simple, joyful and convenient. Just one click and we are connected to the world via the internet nowadays.

However, there is something lagging i.e. these all products are physically different like a laptop cannot be your mobile or mobile cannot be your laptop and tablet does the work of both partially not completely.

So we came up with a concept that would integrate all three products in one. So it will be a small device with high potential. This device will look like a compass box or a current smartphone.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to launch the final product (Xvice - A Smart Future Device) by the start of 2020.

Our mission is to make virtual devices which do the exact tasks done by any physical product. We are doing constant innovation and we believe we can and we make. We will turn and tune ideas into reality.

Xvice is a Smart Future Device which is a computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, and tv in one device and you will feel the reality.

Its core features screen, keyboard, mouse, tablet, mobile, tv, smart surface in one device. Our goal is to make it useful for every user in the world. You will just love it the way it is designed and developed.

To make it real we need your help to build future brighter than ever. It is the next generation a smart future device which will connect us to the world with minimum acquire space.

Problem Statement

Nowadays, It is the era of technology and somehow we are facing difficulty to get the device with us everywhere and any time, any place. We have a computer but not convenient as a laptop, now we have a laptop but not convenient as mobile, now we have mobile but not convenient as tablet and tablet not convenient as TV and TV is not convenient as Computer again so we are running surrounding it.